IATS wp-ecommerce Gateway for WordPress

This is an IATS Merchant Module for the wp-ecommerce WordPress plug-in. It is designed to allow non profit organizations to integrate their IATS account with a WordPress based website.

See the IATS module at work

Tapestry new opera box office (no longer uses wordpress, wp-ecommerce and iats… but it did)

FireShot capture #001 - 'Tapestry New Opera Works E-Store' - www_securewebexchange_com_tapestrynewopera_com


  1. IATS account
  2. WordPress based website
  3. wp-ecommerce plug-in installed


Version 0.1

iats for wp-e-commerce 0.1


This is a merchant module for the WordPress wp-ecommerce plug-in. It is for Ticket Master’s non-profit payment gateway IATS.


  1. Download and unpack .zip file.
  2. Have wp-ecommerce already installed as a plug-in on a wordpress installation (see prerequisites).
  3. Copy the iats.php file into the /wp-e-commerce/merchants directory.
  4. Acquire iatslink_php132.zip from IATS.
  5. Copy all the files from the iatslink_php132.zip file provided by IATS to /wp-e-commerce/merchants/library directory.You are now installed. It will not be functioning properly at this point though. There are a few modifications to wp-ecommerce that have to be made for it to be running perfectly.
  6. Edit the /wp-e-commerce/wpsc-includes/checkout.class.php file.
  7. Find the wpsc_gateway_form_fields() Function.
  8. Add the following code to this function. This will provide form validation for the “Payment” section on the checkout page. This code must be added in the switch statement.
    [sourcecode language=’php’]
    case ‘iatslink’ :
    $output = sprintf( $gateway_checkout_form_fields[
    $wpsc_gateway->gateway[‘internalname’]] ,
    wpsc_the_checkout_CC_validation_class(), $error[‘card_number’],
    wpsc_the_checkout_CCexpiry_validation_class(), $error[‘expdate’],
    wpsc_the_checkout_CCcvv_validation_class(), $error[‘card_code’],
    wpsc_the_checkout_CCtype_validation_class(), $error[‘cctype’]
  9. You may choose to customize the Checkout form to add credit cards. This is easily done in iats.php. There is a portion of HTML content near the top of the file which is displayed after the normal Checkout page. For a list of possible credit cards see the IATS documentation.


Thanks to Allan Dixon of Allan Dixon consulting for help building the module.

This module is based on Allan Dixon’s IATS CiviCRM plug-in and the wp-e-commerce paypal_pro merchant module.

3 Replies to “IATS wp-ecommerce Gateway for WordPress”

  1. Ok, I modified step 8 to match the updated wp-ecommerce. Everything else should function as before. This has not been tested as of yet however.

  2. Scott,
    I have not maintained or modified this plugin in over a year and I have not maintained it. I also haven’t used wp-ecommerce in a year either so if there have been major changes in the way wp-ecommerce does it’s payment gateways then it may not work. I certainly don’t guarantee that is will but it probably would not take a lot of effort to integrate it with whatever changes have been made to wp-ecommerce. If you have any php experience this should be doable.

    I may consider updating it in the future but I have not current plans to do so.


  3. Can you please respond and let me know if this plugin has been maintained – to any degree.

    We are trying to build a new site for GRIC.ca [wordpress based] and require IATS compatibility. Will we have any luck doing so with modern wordpress installation?

    Please let me know if I’m wasting my time. Any information will be very valuable for me.


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